Since 2009, Malhar Conclave has proven to be a diverse platform where the visions of esteemed personalities interact with the thoughts of curious individuals. With each passing year, Malhar Conclave is promised to inspire this generation to achieve infinite milestones and culminate a revolutionary mindset. Thus, presenting to you the eagerly awaited speaker lineup of Malhar Conclave 2019.

As the indispensable element of the festival that evolves under innovation and ideation and resonates talent each year, events make Malhar an EVENTful journey. Presenting to you, the Events under the umbrella of Malhar 2019.

They sow the seeds of the festival and nurture it with their relentless efforts. With twenty variant departments headed by the Quartet, these individuals are truly the foundation of Malhar. Presenting to you the ever-enthusiastic workforce of Malhar 2019, who devote their heart and soul to extend the Malhar feeling, far and wide.

They are the backbones of the festival providing the essential support for Malhar to thrive endlessly and expand its outreach beyond all horizons. Presenting to you the notable sponsors of Malhar 2019.