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About Us

The month of August heralds the onset of the relief from two worries which plague people- the heat and the mundaneness of everyday life. While the rains take care of the former, Malhar 2015 has been taking care of the latter for 36 years now! Featuring the oldest college fest in Asia which is organised by students, Malhar promises to take you on an epic journey this year with brand new events, talks and more!

So what are you waiting for? The address is at the bottom of this page and the dates are above. All we need is you.

Malhar 2015

What's in a word?
An infinite scope of interpretation, a way of explaining ordinary things in an extraordinary manner.
What is that word? You ask.
A Chronicle, we reply.

This Malhar, we recognize the simple truth- The world has never had a dearth of stories to be shared, all it has lacked is the appropriate audience with the will to listen. With A Chronicle, we provide the right platform to share your stories be it via music, dance, creative writing, workshops or even comic books!

With the theme entwining perfectly with all manner of events, décor and creative content- Malhar '15-A Chronicle has just one hashtag to its name.

'Nuff said.

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Rewriting the Chronicle

"It's a healthy thing, now and then, to hang a question mark on the things you have long taken for granted"
-Bertrand Russell

This year, Conclave will strive to expand the horizons of our cultural imaginary. A forum for debate and discussion, Malhar Conclave 2015 will chronicle the unspoken. We bring to you fresh perspectives in our attempt to depart from the conventional. We believe that everyone has a story, and every story is aching to be told. So come, attend Malhar Conclave 2015, as we challenge our convictions, as we battle with our beliefs, as we rewrite the chronicle.



Malhar 2015 has promised to chronicle the best of the events of the previous Malhar's, while at the same time introducing a new chapter in the Malhar diary - Chapter 15.

This chapter marks a tryst which ranges from the Kathputli's of Rajasthan to the fusion between Odissi and Odyssey. From the Sartoria to the Rescripted. There is something for every kind of palate and believe me it only Improvs from there.

This Malhar, come share your tale at our events. We await with rapt attention.


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Malhar Office,
St. Xavier's College (Autonoumous),
5, Mahapalika Marg,
Mumbai 400 001.

Malhar-Office: (022) 2265 1006/7 Ext. 358

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