The Quartet

The Quartet is a quintessential group of four people at the helm of the fest who gather a dynamic workforce in to bring Malhar to life. Diversity is their middle name and through the amalgamation of their crazy lines of thought, they lead the way into turning the three days into memories of a lifetime.


Do you ever wonder what it'd be like to have the true Indian filmy spirit? We don't wonder, we embody it. At Indian Performing Arts (IPA) we curate and manage events under the wide expanse of our Indian art forms, obviously get the coolest judges while we're at it, and ensure you leave certified desically crazy. We have events ranging from dance to music to drama - and you get to be at the core of these events, you get to be the time-keepers, the guardians for our esteemed judges, and the face of IPA for contingents amongst a whole lot of other tasks.


Creatives is the digital art force of Malhar that produces fresh and exciting designs right from the logo, to the social media posts to the snapchat filters and so much more. If you have the knack for colours, passion for design and the right amount of madness, come join forces with fellow artheads.


One of the Big 4, with 3 sub-departments:
Classrooms: Making sure that the lecture rooms are aesthetically on point for the participants and audience.
CnD: While construction erects bamboo structures throughout the college campus, Displays is always (S)Laying down innovative ways to display the various theme related decor.
Events: Manages the logistical requirements and set ups for the events happening in the Foyer, Hall and Quad.
We have just 2 objectives - To keep Malhar and our volunteers happy, Only to form one united family which lasts forever! LOGISTICS 2017!


Computers has three sub departments under it, namely, Production and Documentation, Websites and Hardware. We capture Malhar in all its emotions and treasure them into memories for the future. We develop the website and live stream events in Malhar.


Does music speak to you, where words fail? Is putting up a great show your ultimate destiny? Presenting to you, World Performing Arts(WPA). We manage and curate some of Malhar's biggest dance and music events, giving aspiring performers a platform to showcase their talent. Whether it’s the sound of music that the Bands amplify, the beats of the DJ that give you chills, or the rhythm of the dance that draws you to the stage, this is your place to be. Come help us create magic.


Admin is the base of the festival. From registering participants and checking whether they are eligible for participation to managing the entire registration process, from writing out certificates to scoring events, we are the bridge between the contingents and the events departments. Nothing is credible until it is 'ADMIN APPROVED'. Our sub-departments - CPR: The ProfessionaLISTS Comps: "Baby ko (data)base pasand hai" Outstations: "Cash me OUTSide how bow dah" Scoring- "Aao score kare"


The soul purpose of Technicals is to make the whole Malhar experience lively and memorable covering every minute emotion and creativity of the performer, so join us and help bring sound and light to life! Classrooms: Covering the highest number of events of this festival, this is the largest sub department. Halls: From Band events and classical singing to UV dance, we have it all. Quad: Beatboxing and Am night are brought to life here. Come witness the magic. Foyer: The DJ event is in our hands. Mobiles: Need to communicate with other departments? We've got you covered. Inventory: Need a switchboard? we got you covered. VSM: Letters, Bills and Chai. This is one of the most important sub-departments of technicals.


We don't take any risk, That's the reason we frisk. We hear the music loud, That doesn't stop us from handling the crowd. When Judges come into play, That's when we slay. The college safety is in our hands, So we implemented our plans. For your Curiosity, We are SECURITY! Security is the largest department of Malhar and has 5 sub- departments functioning and carries out the following tasks: Audience and VIP Gates: Frisking, Bag checking, Tagging, Ticking, Prop checks. (VIP gates). Quad: Confiscation desk, crowd management, blocks, parking. MnT: Crowd management, evacuation, line control (hall events ), blocks . Woods: Crowd management, evacuation, sponsors stalls, main exit.


The best kind of friends are not the ones who use long difficult sentences, but rather short, easy ones like, "What about lunch?" Hospitality looks after the food and beverages on the days of Malhar. We also cater to the accomodation needs of the participants and bring to the workforce the heartfelt messages and emotions of their peers through cardolates. Food & Beverages: We arrange food for pre Malhar events as well as main days of Malhar Card-o-lates: Selling, sorting and delivering cards is handled by this sub department. Externals: Externals arranges accomodation as well as transport for outsation Participants. Sponsorship: Chocolates, Bags , Cards, Food all require sponsorship.


For those who see art everywhere, Graffix is the department for you.
Sub-departments:- Calligraphy: We got 99 fonts, but Comic Sans ain't one! A thousand plus certificates; here's your chance to sway that Calli pen and showcase your magic. Backdrops: Is the artist in you eternally imprisoned by A4? Break free and color your dreams larger than life. Paint Backdrops! Go Big or Go Home! Lounge: Explore new innovative ways to create fan art. Paint pop culture themed canvases ranging from your favorite superheroes and footballers, to TV shows and music bands. Lounge with the Stars. Installations: Like art but don't want to restrict yourself to drawing and painting? 'Explore the 3rd dimension"


Finance handles the major background cogs on which Malhar runs – from the construction of the Malhar Budget to stocking up on stationery, from creating tenders for large contracts to accounting for Malhar, it’s all our playing field. When we are not busy putting the ‘fine’ in Finance, we’d love to say hi so drop by the Moffice!


Conclave is a platform for distinguished personalities, who have excelled in their respective fields, to share their thoughts and experiences. Not only is Conclave intellectually stimulating but also an immensely pleasurable experience especially with the introduction of a performing arts session. As a department we handle the speakers who come for 'Conclave', the first day of Malhar. We also have events which strive to make you think. With personality, sports management, crisis management, trading and creation based events as well as a MUN, there is something for everyone.


“I have never been in a situation where having money made it worse”
-Clinton Jones
At Marketing, we call, we meet and we close, day in and day out to make Malhar happen. Money, prizes and everything else Malhar needs, just like before, but always better. When we aren’t shouting, screaming or sweating it out with sponsors, you can catch us in the M-office. If you have money, we won’t bite. Be it a fat year, be it a lean year, we make it rain.

Fine Arts

Do you love painting or are an art enthusiast who can't paint ? FA caters to all kinds of art lovers. Help us organise events, curate an art gallery, interact with artists and much more. Apply for Fine Arts where every piece of paper is origamied into a flapping bird, where every scrap of plastic is reimagined into a sculpture, where we colour outside the lines, all over the place: Fine Arts is the department where things don't just get real, they get surreal.


Where do you (et)see yourself in Malhar? Entertainment, Theatricals and Contests, or better known as ETC is the home to the crazy. We do field games, gameshows, treasure hunts, experimental theatre, debates, sciencey stuff, e-sports, improv comedy, and personality events. To every punny person, meme lover, pop-culture enthusiast, drama-geek and otaku, you've found your place. Honesty is app-reciated.


So we are near (Souvenir)Malhar and you still can't decide which department? Well can you use glue? Or scissors? Or draw over ink spilt diaries? If you can, then don't stall any longer, our stall awaits you. Apply if you're sketchy.


Assistance is primarily an internal crowd control and venue management department which makes sure that no commotion is caused anywhere due to unruly crowds. We also ensure that decorum is maintained when events are in progress. The department assists both the workforce and the Malhar attendees. We handle First Aid in the event of issues of sickness or accidents. As the second largest management department, we have four sub-departments - Halls, Foyers, Judges and Floors.

Public Relations

Not talented enough to join an events department? Then join us and promote them! Our sub-departments include Internals and Social Media, Filming, Externals and Malhar on Wheels, English Press and Regional Press. "Follow your inner moonlight; don’t hide the madness" – Allen Ginsberg Dher Saara PyaaR.

Literary Arts

To quote John Keating from the movie Dead Poets Society, “the human race is filled with passion. And medicine, law, business, engineering, these are noble pursuits and necessary to sustain life. But poetry, beauty, romance, love, these are what we stay alive for.”. We are the creators of the Malhar blog and Taal (Malhar’s Official Publicaion). Our events - performance poetry, word games, quiz, extemporary speaking, Hindi event, Marathi event, creative writing, JAM and our crossovers - embody the spirit which nurtures art, poetry, performance, nuances of the languages and words that breathe.


Workshops Incorporated (W.Inc) organises fun workshops ranging from food and dance to art, music and technology conducted by immensely talented artists throughout the days of Malhar. We also publicise these workshops and host the Yard Sale which is an integral part of Malhar because social causes are an essential element of every Xavierite's life.