"Every member of your team is THE TEAM, never forget that."
Adhering to this maxim, we at Malhar, proudly acknowledge the importance of our 1200 odd workforce in making Malhar what it is.
They ideate. They create. They formulate. They plan. They organise. They execute. They enjoy.
There's nothing these guys can't do.
Presenting the workforce for Malhar 2018!

The Quartet

the quartet

"Consider the four horsemen of the apocalypse, terrifying, aren't they?
The mere thought of them causes a shiver to run through your spine.
Fortunately, Quartet 2018 is nothing like them; quite the opposite really.
A dedicated team of hardworking individuals who bind together Malhar into an extraordinary festival of epic proportions.
With Chairperson Gauri Saxena, Vice Chairperson- Events Simran Lobo, Vice Chairperson-Management Bhuvan Majmudar and Vice Chairperson- Networking Ameeta Maliekkal, you can rest assured that this year will be bigger and better than ever."



"Be nice to your administration professionals or plan on covering your own back from now on"
The Administration department is the very soul of this magnificent festival without whom nothing could take place smoothly. We skirt the background ensuring everything goes as per the plan. Right from inviting colleges, to handling online and offline registrations, and from catering to the needs of all our participants to compiling the scores of each event, and a lot in between, Admin takes care of perpetually everything out there.



Assistance is primarily an internal crowd control and venue management department which makes sure that no commotion is caused anywhere due to unruly crowds. We also ensure that decorum is maintained when events are in progress. The department assists both the workforce as well as Malhar attendees. As the second-largest management department, Assistance has four sub-departments - Halls, Foyers, Judges and Floors.
Choose your tribe!



From welcoming you at the very beginning,
to capturing every single waking moment.
From making sure the technology around you does not crash,
to helping you live each moment to its fullest.
"Computers was born to solve the problems that did not exist"
The only drives we love to take are hard drives.



Trudging to college six days a week is a stretch, but when you club it with a mundane routine, you have a brain dead group of youngsters. What do you do when you want to stimulate your brain?
Here's what we do, we sit with a cuppa in the middle of the foyer and deliberate. We ideate, we formulate, we create, we debate- for it is this thrilling mix of diverse ideas that we present at the Confluence, Malhar.
Here's to a marvelous line-up of expert orators at the Confluence'18!
You can break life's monotony with us, this Malhar!



There's no pixel of Malhar that doesn't look good, and hasn't been given birth to by this department. Creatives is the digital art force of Malhar. From Photoshop to Microsoft Paint, right from giant banners, social media posts, posters, pamphlets, badges to cat GIFs, we have it all covered. The personification of the #aesthetic hashtag is us. This Malhar, whatever you see, it was designed by yours truly with a bit of madness, last minute deadlines, and a zeal to make things look awesome - in 1920 x 1080.


decor and merchandise

Help with setting the theme of Malhar on the days of the fest through backdrops and installations, or express your creativity and show off your artistic skills via personalized merchandise, paintings and calligraphy!


entertainment, theatricals and contests

Pythagoras maintained that “three” would be the perfect number-it had a beginning, a middle and an end. Ergo, in ETC, we think in threes. We want to be Conceptualisers, Dream-catchers and Wayfarers. We do not believe in moderation, rationalisation and demarcation. Thinking out of the box would be a severe understatement to describe what we do. We pay attention to the complex and wierd daydreams and imaginations that dance in our brains and make them into an event like no other. We are pirates that raid the boats of orthodoxy , we are the enterprise crew that go way beyond the final frontiers of the rational. If the force is strong in you, this is the place to be. For all of you misfits , etc is the perfect fit


fine arts

Do you have an eye for art? Do you believe art sets you free? Apply for Fine Arts: a place where you get to turn your art and your love for it into a landscape of colour. Help us run the show by pulling off events that go from photography to headdress-making to rangoli and put together a grand gallery. Meet artists that inspire you. Bring us your art, and help us paint Malhar. Welcome to the FArt of something new.



"My belief is that Finance prints everything"
These inspiring words of our imperial leader covers one of the many aspects of our expertise. We excel at budgeting, crying in front of the Treasury and as we all guessed, reimbursing everyone for miscellaneous fest expenses. But on a serious note, we, as a small, compact and hand-picked team handle the budgets and accounts of a grand fest, facilitating providence.
And yeah, we don't take volunteers.



"First we eat, then we do everything else." Hospitality, a management department and a quintessential part of Malhar which looks after the food and beverages on the days of Malhar. Here, at Hospitality, we also cater to the accomodation needs of the participants and bring to the workforce the heartfelt messages and emotions of their peers through cardolates. FOOD & BEVERAGES- We arrange food for pre Malhar events as well as on the main days of Malhar. CARD-O-LATES- Selling, sorting and delivering cards is handled by this sub department. EXTERNALS- Externals arranges accomodation as well as transport for outsation Participants. SPONSORSHIP- Chocolates, Bags , Cards, Food all require Sponsorship


indian performing arts

Hum 7 Saath Hain
IPA is an ever-blossoming and sublime amalgamation of KJo’s masala movie addicts to RD Burman and Jagjit Singh’s lovers to Shah Rukh’s Kuch Kuch Hota Hai fanatics.Team IPA embraces a bunch of enthusiasts with Indian dramebazi in their veins and rona-dhona, hasi-mazak in their brains.


literary arts

"We found our home amidst piles of books because we knew that if we couldn't write one, we could definitely rip off their ideas for a department picture."



Jugaad, Lift, Dance, Repeat.



We are a department focused on hard work and determination. We serve as the backbone of Malhar and we put the money in the bank. Do you think you have what it takes to be a part of this? Are you ready to accept this challenge? Is this a deal? Is this your call-ing? Let's make it rain this year. Join Marketing 2018.
Who said money can't buy happiness?

Public Relations

public relations

At Public Relations, you get the professional expertise of working in a team while discovering your unique skill sets, combined with the joy that comes with being a part of Malhar. So, you can have the cake and eat it too! We sell, we write, we paint, we shoot, never forgetting to have fun in true PR style Here, there's something for everyone.
Come be a part of the PyaaR family!



Team Security. We don't take any risk. That's the reason we frisk. We hear the music loud, But that doesn't stop us from handling the crowd. When they judges come into play, that's when we slay. The safety of the college is in our hands, so we implement our plans. For your curiosity, we are SECURITY. If you want to have a lot of fun while you work and have an amazing Malhar, Security is the department for you. It's the largest department and there is a wide range of work which requires hardworking, dedicated and people who are full of life !! Here's not one, but 17 reasons why you should join Security...



Apply for Texxx (Technicals) to explore the world of sound & light; and most importantly - to have a whole lot of fun!
You won't regret it, it's always lit. ⚡


workshops incorporated

"Workshops Incorporated (W.Inc) brings to you the perfect mixture of music, art, food and dance through our workshops during the days of Malhar along with the coolest events in town. Join us for the Malhar Football League and don't forget the Yardsale for some heartfelt charity. Winc your way into this dysfunctional department of ours by applying now!"


world performing arts

Not a performer but still passionate about music, dance and Malhar?
WPA is the place to be.
The department of World Performing Arts invites all you enthusiasts to be a part of a legacy. Be it music or dance, solo or group events we have it all! We manage and curate some of Malhar's biggest events, giving aspiring performers a platform to showcase their talent. So come join us, put your best foot forward and help us bring our events to life.